Bessie Nichols

Of 132 trustees elected to the Edmonton Public School Board between 1882 and 1982, only 14 were women. The very first of these 14 women was Bessie H. Nichols. On February 16, 1912, Nichols became the first woman in Edmonton to be elected to civic office.

Only the day before the election had the legislation changed to allow for women to sit as school board trustees. Earlier in February 1912, the Alberta legislature had made an amendment to Edmonton's charter permitting women to vote for the first time.

Principal's Message

As the first female elected to public office in the province of Alberta, Miss Bessie Nichols set an example of forward thinking and uniqueness. As the school named in her honour, we are committed to exemplifying and celebrating these same qualities.  We at Bessie Nichols School are committed to working in partnership with students, parents and our community to establish a world-class education for the children we serve.

Bessie Nichols is a state of the art learning space. Students and staff have access to a vast digital world and global network where they can access, understand, create and share knowledge and expertise to enhance and support their learning. Through a ubiquitous approach to mobile technologies, teachers are able to find innovative and creative ways to engage students in learning and support the development of competencies necessary for success in this century.

Bessie Nichols is equipped with the Bessie Nichols Network or BNN, a broadcasting studio to televise our announcements live to each classroom SMART Board each morning. BNN is run by students and serves as an incredible leadership opportunity for them to develop skills in communication and broadcasting.

Providing students with the support and opportunities necessary to develop essential leadership skills is an important aspect of their education at Bessie Nichols School. Through a wide variety of leadership opportunities at all grade levels, students are developing skills in communication, creative problem-solving, responsibility, adaptability, initiative and self-direction and teamwork, just to name a few. It is our goal to promote a culture of student confidence and empowerment to influence their world in positive ways, unleashing their potential in learning and life.

Parents play a vital role in their child's education, whether it is supporting them in learning at home, serving as a volunteer in the school or participating in our School Council and/or Bessie Nichols Fundraising Society meetings and activities. It is our goal to build a strong partnership between home and school to ensure the success of every child that we serve. We look forward to parents becoming involved in supporting the critical work of teaching and learning at Bessie Nichols.

Stay connected to what is happening at Bessie Nichols through our website, SchoolZone, Twitter and Facebook. Our website provides important information about our school and serves as a launch pad for SchoolZone, Twitter and Facebook. SchoolZone is used to advise parents of school activities and to provide access to newsletters, attendance, and progress reports.  All parents require a username and password to access their account.  Social media can serve as a dynamic information tool when used appropriately and ethically. As a result, we have established a Twitter and Facebook account to keep parents informed.  We encourage you to follow us for regular updates, photos and videos on the happenings at Bessie Nichols School.


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