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Lunch Program


Our school provides a supervised lunch program on a regular or drop-in basis as a service to parents of students in grades 1 - 9.  However, we encourage parents if at all possible, to make other arrangements for lunch.  Children benefit from a break in school routine.

Lunch program fees will be collected to cover the cost of the paid lunch supervisors.

Students not in the regular lunch program who stay for lunch to attend a scheduled extra curricular activity will pay the daily fee to attend and be supervised within the lunch program.

Healthy Lunches

In the interest of promoting good nutrition and dental care, the consumption of gum, candy, soft drinks, and other junk food is not encouraged in the school or on the playground.  We encourage parents to support our efforts and not include such foods in students’ lunches.  We wish to help our students make wise choices in their selection of foods.  Your assistance in helping your child make healthy food choices and in supporting this focus on nutrition by not sending such foods would be most appreciated.

Nut Sensitive Zone

Some students at Bessie Nichols School have severe, life-threatening nut allergies. Since even a minute amount of the allergic substance can cause death within minutes, keeping it out of the school is our best method of prevention to ensure the safety of students with severe allergies. As a result, parents are asked to refrain from sending nut products in student lunches. On behalf of the children in our school with severe peanut and nut product allergies, and their families, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Appropriate Attire for Weather Conditions

Students will be asked to enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air during the lunch hour so it is imperative that students arrive with the appropriate outerwear for the weather conditions. When the outside temperature drops below -23C students will have alternate lunch hour activities within the building.