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Parents are vital to the strength of our school and your involvement plays an important role in student success. At Bessie Nichols School, every parent or guardian is automatically a member of our School Council.

A School Council is a group of parents, teachers, principal, staff, students and community members who work together to promote the effectiveness of the entire school community and thereby enhance student learning. A school council facilitates cooperation among all those who have an interest in the programs and policies of the local school. School Councils provide advice and consultation to the principal regarding educational issues.

School Council's goal is to form a working partnership with the school. The principal and school board will continue to be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school. The principal also has the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that decisions are in the best educational interest of the students in the school and the division.

Parents are encouraged to attend our regular School Council meetings as they involve a valuable exchange of ideas on a number of school specific and general educational matters. More information coming soon!



Conceived around a kitchen table, the Hampton’s Public School Fundraising Committee was incorporated by a small group of dedicated parents under the Alberta Societies Act in November 2011.

Once the school opened in September 2012, the group’s name was changed to reflect that of the school and now operates under Bessie Nichols School Fundraising Society (BNSFS).

Our initial goal was to raise $750,000 to build the park and playground at Bessie Nichols School. We have reached this goaland hope to break ground in the fall of 2016.

Fundraising dollars will now help support student programs such as band and athletics and other student and community initiatives. 

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