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ETS Service is available for students attending Bessie Nichols School:

  • Current Edmonton Transit service meets acceptable standards for students, as determined by EPSB.
  • Trip Planning is available at www.takeets.com.


Student safety is our priority.  Traffic flow is heavy around the school at the beginning and end of each day. In an effort to be proactive, we have established some parking and drop off guidelines.  We ask all parents to follow the established guidelines, speed limits, traffic signs, and instructions provided by traffic advisors (Teachers, Traffic Commissioners, and the Edmonton Police Service).  Let’s work together at ensuring safety over convenience.

It’s Really Cool to Walk to School

We strongly encourage that all students living near the school walk or ride their bikes. We at Bessie Nichols want to encourage daily physical activity and walking or riding your bike to school is a great way to get your exercise!  The added benefit is that we will decrease the traffic congestion near the school. Please review pedestrian safety with your children to ensure their safety.


Drop Off Zones

When using the One Minute Drop Off/Pick Up Zone, parents are asked to pull up to the front of the line, drop their children off quickly, and exit to free up the area for other parents and students. This is a no parking area, and drivers must remain in their vehicles at all times. Please note, our One Minute Drop Off/Pick Up Zone is a one way. Parents are welcome to drop their children off in other drop off/pick up zones around the school as well.

Upon arrival, students are asked to make their way to the back field.

To ensure student safety, we ask that all students use the marked pedestrian crossings.



There is no visitor parking at Bessie Nichols School except for handicapped stalls. Visitors to the school may park on 204 Street or one of our side streets. We would like to respect our neighbors along Hemingway Road by avoiding parking in front of their houses.  Please do not park in the staff parking lot which will be clearly labeled.  Our staff pays an annual fee for their assigned parking stalls so it needs to be available to them.

Please remember, student safety over convenience.

New Anti-Idling Bylaw 

The bylaw only applies when the temperatures rise above zero degrees Celsius. Under the bylaw, drivers cannot idle for more than three minutes within any thirty minute period when parked in an area designated as no idling. Bylaw exemptions apply to vehicles licensed to provide public transport, such as school buses and taxis; emergency vehicles; and vehicles transporting medically fragile people. 

We all deserve clean air. With your help, we’ll be able to create a healthier environment for our students and school communities. 

Thank you in advance for your co-operation!

To learn more about the bylaw, visit www.edmonton.ca/environmental/programs/be-idle-free/aspx.